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The Mystery of the Death Ray

The Debut Novel from William Scott Thomas

A megalomaniacal genius has built a fortress and gathered an army of scientists and engineers on the Darkside of the Moon. Rumour and whisper are all that float across to the Main Colony - with far less getting to Earth.

A myriad of questions are asked in secret - the most dangerous among them -

What is the Death Ray?

Twins, Isadora and Aidan Darken are sent to the Moon, by their scientist grandmother, Dame Annette Rapp, to study at the prestigious Barbicane Academy. From their first encounter, the young teens learn that their links to the Moon reach far back to before their births. Stumbling upon artefacts left behind by their missing parents, the twins follow a broken path that leads to the Darkside of the Moon, where they uncover a plot that threatens all of mankind.

The Mystery of the Death Ray is a Young/New Adult - Science Fiction - Adventure Now Available Worldwide on Amazon for Kindle and in Print on Amazon US and UK.